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Cheminée Lining & Construction is slightly different – an easy-to-approach team, open to change and challenges. In collaboration with our customers, each project is focused on the right solution and the right execution. Your records are successfully conducted in partnership with your image and our corporate culture. We are proud to be accessible, authentic people. In the office, the smile is part of our daily lives, we all adopt the same attitude if we can, we will do it. We have built our company to be flexible, responsive and respectful, make us unique and enable us to retain our customers.

Cheminee Lining & Construction is registered in the register of companies authorized to contract or subcontract with a public body held by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers). She also has the Canada Revenue Agency’s Supply Number (PBN) and was pleased to enroll in the Contract Security Program and obtained a Designated Organization Verification Security clearance. (VOD) which allows it to participate in Government of Canada contracts with security requirements.

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Cheminée Lining & Construction

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